Couple injured after falling 4m into canal along Pioneer Rd

A couple, after drinking at a coffee shop nearby, fell 4m into a canal along Pioneer Road. 

The incident happened at a canal behind Pioneer Junction yesterday (Aug 6) at around 1am.

Shin Min Daily News reports that the couple had been drinking beer at a coffee shop nearby the canal before the incident.

A 58-year-old cleaner told reporters that on Aug 5, at around 9pm, he had seen the couple having a meal at the coffee shop. 

The couple also ordered four bottles of beer, and left at about 12am.

He said:

“After that, an ambulance and a police patrol car came.

“I went to check out what was happening.

“I heard that the woman fell first into the canal, and the man went in to save her.”

According to Shin Min Daily News, both were injured in the incident.

The man suffered injuries to his head while his female companion suffered injuries on her back. 

It is believed that the incident had arisen after the woman dropped her wallet into the canal, and attempted to climb in to retrieve it.

The man attempted to stop her, and in the ensuing chaos, both fell in. 

Fortunately, a passer-by witnessed the incident and called the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) for help.