Couple hurls gadgets out from van during tiff, woman forced to alight -- in the middle of KPE

A couple having a tiff while driving along the Kallang–Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) in a van threw gadgets out of the vehicle, with the driver even forcing his female companion to alight in the middle of the road. 

The incident happened on Sunday (Nov 12) at around 11am along the KPE towards the town, near the Nicoll Highway exit. 

A reader, Ms Zhong, told Shin Min Daily News that she was driving along KPE when she saw a phone getting tossed out from the driver compartment of a van ahead.

She said: “At first, I was still guessing if the phone had simply got thrown out  as it was placed too near van’s window.”

However the van driver suddenly jammed on his brakes as he was nearing the Nicoll Highway exit, and a short-haired female passenger alighted. 

Ms Zhong continued: “The door to the front passenger seat opened and a laptop was tossed out as well, along with some other items.

"The driver alighted after that and picked some items off the road.  I suspect that it could have been a couple’s tiff, and they had hurled the items on impulse."

The man then drove the van off, leaving his passenger stranded on the expressway.

According to Ms Zhong, the woman flagged down a cab but ultimately did not get in. 

Ms Zhong said: "If the laptop had landed on a motorcycle or the windshield of a passing car, it could have resulted in an accident. Even if it was tissue papers getting thrown out, it could still have hindered other motorists' vision.

"This sort of behaviour is very dangerous.”

She also added that it was ‘horrible’ for the driver to force his passenger to alight in the middle of the highway, as it showed an utter lack of regard for the woman’s safety.