Real or fake? Netizens divided over video of 'country bumpkin' transforming into 'goddess'

A video circulating online shows how a girl used makeup to undergo an epic transformation and ended up looking like an entirely different person afterwards.

The clip, captioned 'Makeup is an amazing thing, don't let guys know', has garnered 28 million views and over 284,000 shares ever since it was posted last Thursday (Aug 2).


Posted by 時尚女王 on Thursday, 2 August 2018

The video was also featured on Zaobao.

Some things that the girl managed to alter:

  • Double eyelids

  • Eyebrows

  • Nose shape

  • Face shape

  • The skin tone on her whole body

However, netizens are divided over whether the change was legitimate and questioned if the video had been manipulated or edited.

Many users felt that the girl looked like an entirely different person after her transformation and said the video was fake.

Meanwhile, some referred to the girl's makeup skills as 'witchcraft':