Cool! Full 'strawberry mini-moon' spotted in the sky before sunrise

Submitted by Stomper Kannan

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Stomper Kannan spotted the full moon in the sky from Woodlands this morning at around 6.15am.

What makes the sighting so special? Well, the moon was red in colour.

This phenomenon is known as the 'strawberry mini-moon', which is in its fullest phase today (June 9).

Kannan said:

"I was truly amused to see the June 2017 full moon in Singapore this morning (June 9) at 6.15amm before sunrise when the sky was still dark at Woodlands.

"The moon was red in colour!

"Then I realised that the June 2017 Full Moon is also sometimes called the Strawberry Moon.

"I took some pictures of it before it disappeared into the clouds. The moon was really as red as a strawberry and the photos are unedited."