Cook in Malaysia molests boss’ niece during Hari Raya visit

A 47-year-old man allegedly molested his employer’s 16-year-old niece at around 4am on June 16 after he was invited to a Hari Raya gathering at the family’s house in Putatan, Malaysia. 

Penampang police chief Deputy Superintendent Mohd Haris Ibrahim told The Star that the police arrested the suspect on Tuesday (June 19) following a report lodged. 

The girl was sleeping in her bedroom when the suspect, who worked as a cook in the victim's aunt's restaurant, entered and tried to climb into bed with her. 

He then asked if he could sleep beside her before suddenly kissing her forehead. 

DSP Haris added that the victim managed to struggle free from the suspect and fled the room. 

The suspect followed and chased her around the living room. 

Fortunately, she managed to run back into her bedroom first and locked him out.

The suspect subsequently left the house after sunrise. 

The girl’s aunt later found out about the incident from other family members and lodged a police report two days later.

DSP Haris said:

“The aunt had brought the suspect who works at her restaurant to spend Hari Raya with her family.”

He also added that although the victim did not suffer any injuries, she was left traumatised by her experience. 

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