Convertible car driver revs engine to show frustration over 'stolen' lot at Tampines

Submitted by Stomper CW

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A convertible car driver's revving of his engine woke up some residents in Tampines on Tuesday night (Apr 13).

Stomper CW shared with Stomp a video he took of the incident near Block 877 Tampines Street 84 at about 11pm.

He said that the revving alerted him to the incident before he started recording it.

"The car owner was angry with the taxi driver for 'stealing' his lot," said the Stomper.

"However, it did not seem to me that he signalled his intention.

"At the end of the video, he vented his anger on the taxi driver.

"It also shows him revving his engine in front of the taxi before he prepared to reverse into a lot and drive off."