Contractor fined, given demerit points for renovation works after permitted hours at Admiralty Drive: HDB

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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The Housing and Development Board (HDB) has issued a fine and imposed demerit points on a contractor after a resident complained that renovation works were being carried out after permissible hours at Block 467A Admiralty Drive.

Stomper Anonymous alerted Stomp to the incident and sent a video that he took on Sep 14 at 8.15pm.

In the video, renovation works seem to still be going even though it is dark outside.

The Stomper told Stomp that there was a 'Notice of Renovation' put up outside the unit, which stated that renovation works can be done only from 9am to 6pm.

"When I approached my neighbour and the contractor about doing renovation works after 6pm, they told me to mind my own business," Anonymous said.

"I am working from home and I am suffering with this noise during the day.

"Now, I cannot even rest well at night.

"The workers were also not wearing masks and just walking in and out of the unit without their masks."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for HDB said: "In the case of the flat at Block 467A Admiralty Drive, HDB’s investigations found that the contractor had carried out renovation works outside the permissible hours.

"We have issued a fine and imposed demerit points on the renovation contractor for the infringement.

"The contractor is also restricted from applying for permits for new renovations.

"During our subsequent inspection of the flat on Wednesday (Sep 16), we observed that the contractor had ceased renovation works after the permitted hours.

"HDB recognises that renovation works can potentially cause disamenities to surrounding residents, and have put in place several measures to minimise inconvenience.

"Where the renovation involves noisy works such as hacking of walls or tiles, the contractor is required to give written notice to the immediate neighbouring units at least three days before work commences.

"Such noisy works must be completed within three days and should only be carried out between 9am and 5pm on weekdays, excluding Public Holidays and the eves of major Public Holidays.

"More details on renovation guidelines can be found on the HDB InfoWEB.

"Residents with feedback on renovation works may contact our branch service line on 1800-225-5432 or the Essential Maintenance Service Unit after office hours.

"HDB will investigate and take necessary actions against contractors who are found to have infringed the rules."

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