Confessions of a heartbroken man, 19, who had affair with 35-year-old married woman with kid

Submitted by Stomper W

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Stomper W, currently 19, started seeing a 35-year-old woman almost half a year ago, but the relationship ended about two weeks back.

In a phone interview with Stomp, W spoke about his experience; how they had met through WeChat and proceeded to date after that.

According to W, money was tight for him back then when he just got to know her, as he was looking for a job. 

After going on a few dates, the woman offered to lend him $250 in September, so he could tide over the tough times until he found employment.

Said W: "We would meet each other three times a week.

"Three to four weeks after receiving the loan in September, I found a job, and I paid her back in full upon receiving my pay.”

Since securing a job, W has refrained from borrowing money, although he admitted that the woman would occasionally lend him small sums, usually amounting $100 to $200.

He also emphasised that he would pay off the amount after receiving his pay each month. 

Despite knowing that she was married with a nine-year-old child, W insists that he loved her deeply.

He said: "After getting my pay each month, I would bring her to expensive places to eat, like buffets at hotels."

In fact, W scorns the idea of having her pay for anything.

Asked why, he replied: "It’s a guy thing.  Asking the girl to pay is ‘buay swee' (not pretty or eloquent in dialect).

"I just wanted her to be happy."

To W, it was them against the world. No matter if the woman had a husband, or even a child.

With an affair like theirs, one would think that the two often meet in secluded areas.

However, W refuted the notion: "We went everywhere. We would hang out at the seaside, but we would also go to movies and shopping centres."

Asked whether he was afraid of getting caught in the act by the woman’s family or friends, he answered firmly: "No. I wasn’t afraid, and neither was she."

However, the perfect arrangement started showing signs of cracking when W discovered that she was texting other guys on WeChat after checking her phone.

He promptly confronted his lover.

To his surprise, she confessed that she was seeing other guys as well.

From then on, the relationship soured and the two decided to part in December.

W lamented: "She always plays with other people outside. I gave her so much sex also not enough. She still goes outside (for other guys)."

W added:

"I did not treat her like a sugar mummy. I treated her like my wife or girlfriend.

"I really love her so much.

"I put up with her shouting and bullying me, but this is the last straw."

He reiterated that throughout the relationship, he had never once cheated on her. 

W also sent us an audio clip to tell us about his experience.