Condo tenant allegedly cohabited with BF in secret, owed rent, and trashed room when asked to leave

A woman alleged that a female tenant to whom she rented out the master bedroom in her condominium to had secretly cohabited with her boyfriend, and owed her two months of rent. 

When the single mother confronted the tenant over the matter, she reportedly shoved her aside, prompting the owner to call the police.

The tenant and her boyfriend were forced to vacate the premises, but not before allegedly trashing the place. 

The incident happened in a private condominium unit at Serangoon, reports Lianhe Wanbao.

The owner, Ms Xiao, 33, told the paper that after she gave birth in December last year, she moved out of the apartment to stay with her relatives. 

She decided to rent out the master bedroom in the condominium.

Prior to that, she had already rented out the other rooms in the apartment, and there were three existing tenants.

Ms Xiao said that she leased out the room through a website, and a 20-year-old private institution student later responded to her advertisement.

The two agreed to a monthly rental fee of $1,500.

Said Ms Xiao:

“At that time, I clarified that that only one person was to stay in the room, and she agreed to my demands.”

However, the other tenants later complained to Ms Xiao, alleging that the tenant had brought home her boyfriend home and the two were cohabiting. 

Ms Xiao confronted the tenant, but she denied the accusations, saying that her boyfriend was only there to visit her and did not spend the night there. 

Between February and March 2018, Ms Xiao found that the tenant did not transfer the rental fees to her bank account.

Upon asking the tenant, she discovered that she had given her the wrong bank account details. 

Ms Xiao said:

“She (the tenant) said that she would ask the bank back for the money, and return the rental fees to me.

“I waited until April but I still did not receive any money. 

“She did not pick up my calls either, so I went down to the apartment to look for her.”

Ms Xiao said that the tenant refused to let her into the master bedroom when she showed up at the apartment.

When she took out her key to open the door, the woman reportedly blocked her entering and even pushed her. 

Ms Xiao added that the woman’s boyfriend was inside the room at that time. 

Ms Xiao lamented:

“I had no choice but to call the police.

“I wanted them to move out immediately, but a police officer told me that I could not just kick them out, so I had to leave first.

“When I went back to check the room after few days, they were already gone.

“I was shocked to tears when I opened the door to the master bedroom.

“The entire place was trashed.

“The cabinets and floorboards were all damaged.”

She estimated that the repairing the damages could cost up to $10,000. 

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