Condo resident scolds security guard, calls police after his BMW gets clamped: 'You are so poor'

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A man was caught on camera lashing out at a security guard and hurling various insults after his BMW was clamped.

Stomper Anonymous shared a video of the incident occurred at a condominium along Sin Ming Road on April 3.

The Stomper said: "The resident insulted onsite staff and called in the police. His sense of entitlement and ego is so large that the police became a tool for his anger."

According to the video, which shows the man shouting at security staff, he was unhappy that his vehicle had been clamped for illegal parking.

The man can be heard yelling, "I am going to fetch my kid now, are you going to unlock or not?" while making angry gestures.

He is later seen speaking condescendingly to a security guard: "Who are you? What are you in charge of?" and "Orhhh... Security of safety of the condo. Ok so what's the problem with my car and how has it offended you?"

The security guard attempts to explain, only to be cut off by the man saying: "You wait, wait, do you know how many units I have here? You answer my question first. Do you know how many units I have here. I have more than two units here. Then do you know how many carpark (lots) I have occupied from last night till now?"

A woman then apparently tries to intervene, but the man says, "You don't make a sound first, don't make a sound, don't make a sound. Let me tell him. Because they have never tried having so many units, so they won't understand."

The man then continues ranting, "My son ends school at 1.30pm, do you know? He ends school at 1.30pm but because of people like you, I can't go fetch him.

"Yes lor, you all are very happy, right? Never mind, never mind, you all like this. Making things difficult for people is your interest. Making things difficult for people is your interest.

"Don't make a sound. Making things difficult for people is your interest, right? Yes lor.

"It's okay, any way you all like to make things difficult for people. You are so poor, you’d rather die.”

The man also told the security guard that he had called the police.

In response to media queries, the police said they received a report at about 1.10pm. No one was injured in the incident and the parties involved were advised on their legal recourse.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the security office had called the man several times to ask him to move his BMW. As he did not answer the phone, they clamped his car.

"You call so I must answer?" the man said.

The man, who subsequently asked a locksmith to unclamp his car as the security office refused to do, reportedly called the police again the next day.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, the Union of Security Employees (USE) said it was “appalled to learn of yet another incident of an officer being abused whilst performing his duty".

USE added: "We will get in touch with the officer and help him lodge a police report.

"Under the amendments to the Private Security Industry Act which came into force in May 2022, there are now enhanced penalties for offences by persons who intentionally cause harassment, alarm or distress, assault or use criminal force on and voluntarily cause hurt to security officers."