Condo resident admonishes neighbour and management over potted plants on aircon unit

Submitted by Stomper Bel

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A resident raised safety concerns after seeing her neighbour place unsecured potted plants on an aircon compressor.

Stomper Bel shared photos of the plants at Block 3 of Pandan Valley Condominium and said they are an "accident waiting to happen".

She also criticised the lack of action from the condo's management.

Bel told Stomp: "My neighbour on the third floor likes to put unsecured potted plants on their aircon unit, despite knowing there’s two residential ground floor units with private open outdoor areas.

"This is an accident waiting to happen, especially when strong winds blow. It poses a grave danger to the safety of the residents living on ground floor. There are also kids who come over on the weekends and are at risk.

"The security guards were informed but they didn’t do anything about it, even though I’ve made clear the infringement of the bylaws to put potted plants outside one’s unit and endanger the safety of other residents.

"If everyone does such a thing but the management office refuses to impose serious actions against residents who endanger other people's lives, then who will answer for any loss of lives that might happen?

"I hope to share this as I’m sure there are others who have similar issues and experiences. Unlike at Housing Development Board (HDB) blocks, we can’t just call the town council. For condos, police intervention needs to be allowed."

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