Company apologises to Stomper for Tampines shuttle bus driver who 'did not have lane discipline'

Submitted by Stomper Louis

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ComfortDelGro Bus has apologised to the motorist who said that the driver of a shuttle bus for the Tampines Retail Park tried to "bully" the motorist into giving way to the bus driver.

Stomper Louis shared dash cam videos of the incident at Tampines Avenue 5, which happened on Nov 27 at 2.44pm.

In an e-mail to the Stomper, the company said: "First of all, we apologise for the driver's behaviour and dangerous driving attitude that he showed during the incident.

"Our investigation revealed that indeed the driver did not have lane discipline and failed to comply with road traffic regulations. His inconsiderate driving caused a disturbance to other road users and could potentially be a hazard on the road if such behaviour continues."

In the videos, the Stomper can be seen driving on the leftmost lane and approaching the junction with the intention of turning left into Tampines Avenue 4.

The bus driver also wanted to turn left but was in the wrong lane.

"It is evident that he attempted to overtake me by accelerating, which was his bad judgement," said the Stomper.

"After he realised he had failed in his attempt, he then tried to 'bully' my vehicle into giving way to him.

"In doing so, he displayed a dangerous manner of driving, risking the safety of his passengers and other road users."

ComfortDelGro Bus told the Stomper that a warning would be given to the driver and it would be recorded in his performance profile. At the same time, it would be re-emphasised to the driver to always adhere to the rules and regulations while driving, so as to prevent an accident from happening.

"Thank you for your valuable feedback and once again, our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused," added the company.