Commuters frustrated after track circuit fault hits East-West Line

Submitted by Stomper Sky

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Stomper Sky was frustrated this morning (Jun 14) when he had to wait 20 minutes for a train at Tampines MRT Station on the East-West Line.

At 8.32am this morning, SMRT tweeted that train service would be delayed by 25 minutes from City Hall to Dover MRT Station due to a track circuit fault at Buona Vista.

The time was revised several times later in the morning and service resumed to normal at 1pm after four hours of disruption.

Sky took 40 minutes to reach City Hall.

"The waiting time is ridiculous and I waited 20 minutes for a train and the train was packed," said the Stomper.

"I am really disappointed that the service is really getting from worse to worst!

"The crowd during the jam is really unacceptable!"

Watch the video below.