Commuter says this is the 'dirtiest bus interchange in S'pore' despite cleaning twice daily

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A commuter has given Eunos Bus Interchange the dubious honour of being the dirtiest in Singapore.

The Stomper shared a photo and a video taken on October 22, showing the interchange littered with bird droppings and stains.

"This is the dirtiest bus interchange in Singapore," said the Stomper.

"Bird shit is everywhere, including the railings, such that we cannot even rest our backs, buttocks and arms."

In response to a Stomp query, Mrs Grace Wu, SBS Transit's vice president (special grade) of customer experience and communications, said: "Cleaning of Eunos Bus Interchange is carried out twice daily.

"However, it has been quite a challenge to keep it constantly clean as birds from the neighbouring field frequently fly in and out and some also perch on the overhead horizontal beams of the roof. Unfortunately, they sometimes leave their droppings behind."

Mrs Wu said that besides stepping up the cleaning frequency, SBS Transit is also exploring additional measures to improve the situation.

She added: "We apologise to commuters for the inconvenience caused."