Commuter elated to meet SMRT bus captain who provides tip-top service again

Submitted by Stomper Jarren

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An SMRT bus captain left a deep impression on a commuter for his safe driving, excellent service and affable nature.

As such, Stomper Jarren was thrilled when he encountered the bus captain again on Wednesday (May 5), after not having seen him around for some time.

Jarren said: "This bus captain of service 913 always provides excellent service!

"It has been a long since I last met him on bus service 913, as he was transferred to another service. I finally saw him again when I boarded his bus at around 10.30pm yesterday.

"He is a really good bus captain! He drives safely, does not apply hard braking and brakes gently, greets all his commuters when they board the bus and wave at us when we are alighting!

"I miss those times when he wore his pilot cap to ferry us around Woodlands!

"Well done for providing such tip-top service!"