Commuter delighted by bus captain's unusual face mask: 'Service with a smile!'

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A bus captain brought new meaning to 'service with a smile' with his unusual but cheery face mask.

A Stomper alerted Stomp to a video posted on All Singapore Stuff's Facebook page, showing a commuter asking the bus captain about his mask.

Commuter: Bus captain, where did you buy this face mask of yours?

Bus Captain: I bought it in Taiwan.

Commuter: Taiwan? I want to buy one too. It's too beautiful.

Bus Captain: Don't buy, will scare people to death.

Commuter: No, no, it's really very good. Service with a smile!

It is unclear when or on which bus service the video was taken, though the bus captain is believed to be from SMRT.

Similarly, netizens responded in delight to the video and commended the bus captain's mask.

The video has garnered more than 1,700 likes and over 700 shares to date.

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