ComfortDelGro to cabbies: Report private-hire drivers in taxi stands, doing illegal pick-ups

Submitted by Stomper Raymond

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Stomper Raymond alerted Stomp to a text message from ComfortDelGro encouraging cabbies to report private-hire drivers who were spotted in taxi bays or doing illegal pick-ups.

The Stomper said that he received the SMS last Friday.

A screenshot of the message he sent to Stomp shows that ComfortDelGro asked cabbies to send WhatsApp messages to the company with photos, clear vehicles number, date, time and place if they spotted a private-hire vehicle inside a Land Transport Authority (LTA) taxi stand.

ComfortDelGro said that it would help to forward these messages to LTA, and added this note:

"You may be required to sign an undertaking form and may have to appear in court to give evidence, if required."

The Straits Times reported that a ComfortDelGro spokesman said:

"We have been receiving numerous feedback from our drivers that they have been unable to stop at taxi stands because of private-hire cars, which have been illegally using that space.

"Taxi stands are important pick-up points for our drivers and we will do our best to ensure that they are not misused."