ComfortDelGro investigating after MaxiCab driver allegedly parked illegally -- to eat nasi lemak

ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited is investigating an incident where a MaxiCab driver had allegedly parked illegally to eat nasi lemak. 

A video of the incident was published on Facebook page SG Road Vigilante.

According to the post, the cabby had parked right beside a nasi lemak stall along Sembawang Road. His parking had blocked the road and when approached, he refused to move his vehicle for others to pass.

The man recording the video approaches the MaxiCab driver to ask if he could move his car.

The cabby says: "Let me finish eating, then you can drive out."

When the man recording asks: "Do I have to wait for you to finish eating?"

The MaxiCab driver answers: "Yes." 

Upon hearing this, the man asks: "Why do I have to wait for you to finish? I'm rushing for time."

The cabby then says: "You can put on Facebook."

The man replies: "No, I want to let the Land Transport Authority see this. It's illegal to park your car here."

When confronted about having parked his MaxiCab illegally, the cabby retorts: "Everyone parks here illegally."

It is unclear when this incident occurred.

Responding to a Stomp query, ComfortDelGro's Group Chief Corporate Communications Officer Ms Tammy Tan said: "We are investigating this incident."