ComfortDelGro apologises after cabby drives onto grass patch and hits woman, child in Tampines

Submitted by Stomper Noryn

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ComfortDelGro has apologised after a taxi driver mounted a kerb and drove onto a grass patch, hitting a woman and her child in the process.

The incident, which happened on Sunday (Dec 27), occurred when the taxi driver mistakenly stepped on the accelerator after parking head-first into an empty lot at Block 813 Tampines Street 81.

Stomper Noryn, who is a resident in the area, said she heard a loud sound at the foot of her block and rushed down to check on the commotion.

"When I went down, there were already people gathering around the mother and child," Noryn said.

"The taxi driver said he was supposed to pick up the family of four, including the mother and child, but he lost control of the taxi and dragged the child down.

"The residents already managed to pull the child out before my husband and I rushed downstairs.

"My husband, Ude, is a medic and works in an ambulance so he quickly tried to help out.

"The mother's head was covered in blood and the child was crying too. My husband assisted them and bandaged the child's arm.

"Someone called the ambulance, which arrived ten minutes later. I think both mother and child were sent to different hospitals. I really hope they will be fine.

"I am proud of my husband for helping out. He had just returned from his night shift but he still attended to them."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said they were alerted to the accident at 10.30am.

"SCDF conveyed a person to Changi General Hospital and a child to KK Women's and Children's Hospital," added the spokesman.

Ms Tammy Tan, Group Chief Corporate Communications Officer of ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited, also said in response to queries that they are deeply sorry about the accident.

"The cabby had parked the taxi head first in the parking lot to allow the family of four to board. But, before they could do so, the cabby mistakenly stepped on the accelerator, causing the taxi to mount the kerb, resulting in the accident," added Ms Tan.

"Very helpful passers-by immediately offered their assistance and an ambulance was activated. Both mother and child were conveyed to the hospital where they were given outpatient treatment. We are relieved that the father and baby were unhurt.

"We are already in touch with the family to check on them and are relieved to learn that they are resting at home."

Ms Tan added that ComfortDelGro will be assisting the family, especially with regards to their claims.

ComfortDelGro will also be assisting the police in their investigations.

"We would like to thank all passers-by who had extended help and will be taking the cabby to task for this accident," said Ms Tan.

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