Comedian Mark Lee and wife say FB post seeking donations using their daughter's hospital photo is a scam

Lam Min Lee
Aug 30, 2018

Come across someone asking for donations to help a sick girl lately?

Don't get duped, local comedian Mark Lee and his wife Catherine Ng warned in a Facebook post on Wednesday (Aug 29).

Someone is attempting to raise $200,000 on Facebook by using a photo of their youngest child Calynn lying in a hospital bed.

The couple was alerted to the fraud by a Facebook user.

Angered by the scam, they wrote: "It is immoral to cheat others. It's even worse to use a child's photo to do so."

They urged those who have come across the fundraising post to contact them so that they can gather evidence and file a police report.

Lee and his wife also emphasized that they did not start any fundraising campaign for Calynn's medical treatment.

Earlier this month, the five-year-old was hospitalized and diagnosed with glomerulonephritis, a rare medical condition in which the immune system attacks the kidneys.

Calynn is gradually getting better, her mum wrote on Cheers for Calynn Lee, a Facebook page that was set up to ask for advice regarding her medical condition.

It will take Calynn about six months to complete the prescribed treatment, she said in an update on Aug 21.

She also thanked the public for their advice and well-wishes.