Collin's server at Northpoint City deserves a medal for helping elderly diner

Submitted by Stomper Chang

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Sometimes, it's the smallest acts that mean the most.

A thoughtful gesture by a restaurant employee at Northpoint City shopping mall struck a chord with Stomper Chang, who shared with Stomp the heartwarming incident.

Chang told Stomp: "Was at Collin's latest outlet in Northpoint City with my family.

"Due to a mishap, my mum, who is in her 70s, had difficulty walking. She could only move very slowly and with the help of a walking stick.

"The gentleman who showed us to our table explained to us that he would bring us in through another access.

"This was because the main entrance had a few steps which he felt my mum would have difficulty taking, while the other access point involved just a very gentle downwards slope.

"Two thumbs up to him for his eagle eye and consideration!"

Chang, who said that the employee "deserves a medal", also added: "This is indeed service from the heart!"