Cockroaches and rodent activity found at food manufacturer, youtiao products to be recalled

Cockroaches and rodent activity were found at the premises of a food manufacturing unit of a company during an inspection by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) on Wednesday (June 15).

The food business operation of the company, Ever Dragon Foodstuff, was suspended by SFA with effect from the day until further notice.

As a precautionary measure, SFA also directed the company to recall the you tiao (fried dough fritters) products that have been distributed to various food stalls.

During an inspection of the company’s premises at 3020 Ubi Avenue 2, severe pest infestation in the form of live and dead cockroaches, rodent activity and decomposed rodents was observed at the processing area and mezzanine level. Several lapses related to poor maintenance of the premises were also observed. 

In the interest of public health, SFA directed the company to rectify the lapses and take necessary measures to improve the cleanliness of its premises. 

SFA said: “Food safety is a joint responsibility as food can be contaminated anywhere along the food chain. While SFA continues to be vigilant and works to ensure that regulatory measures are in place and properly enforced, the industry and consumers must also play their part. 

“All food operators should ensure that their premises are clean and well-maintained, and staff are adequately trained on proper food safety management. SFA will take enforcement action against food operators who do not adhere to regulations or comply with food hygiene and food safety requirements.”

Offenders are liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $5,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months or to both. 

If you come across poor hygiene practices in food establishments, you are advised not to patronise them and provide feedback via for follow-up investigation by SFA.