Cockroaches 'all over first floor' of Canberra Crescent block in Sembawang after fogging

Submitted by Stomper Terence

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He thought it was an infestation.

A resident felt squeamish after seeing dozens of cockroaches in the void deck of Block 120C Canberra Crescent on Wednesday (Sept 21).

Some were not moving while others were scurrying around.

Sharing photos and a video of the creepy crawlies, Stomper Terence said that the insects were "all over the first floor".

The nearly two-minute long video shows cockroaches scattered from the lift lobby to the central refuse chute.

"They were alive, dead and some turned upside down and tried to move," said the Stomper.

"I felt squeamish."

In response to a Stomp query, the Sembawang Town Council said: "Cockroach carcasses were seen around the block due to the routine fogging done on Sept 21.

"The area has since been swept clean."