Clutter, cockroaches and bad smell after Jurong West residents dump rubbish outside chute

Submitted by Stomper Koh

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Residents have been dumping their trash on the ground instead of disposing of them properly by throwing them inside the rubbish cute at Block 967B Jurong West Street 93.

Stomper Koh, who has been living at the block for the past two and a half years, said that this has resulted in a bad odour and cockroaches in the area.

Photos that he shared show various items on the eighth floor of the block. These include a fridge, mattresses, storage bins, bags of rubbish and more.

Koh told Stomp: "For the past two years, inconsiderate people have been simply throwing their rubbish on the floor of the rubbish chute instead of into the chute itself.

"Every day, there is a foul stench coming from the area. There are also cockroaches everywhere because of the bad situation and rotten food among the rubbish.

"Every morning, the cleaner has to spend a few hours cleaning the area and yet by noon, you can see new rubbish stacked all over the place.

"Now with the Covid-19 situation, I think this is all the more terrible.

"I hope things will improve.

"Please punish those irresponsible people who are too lazy to take the extra step of opening the chute and simply just throw their rubbish all around for their own convenience."

Stomp has contacted the town council for more info.