Close call for trailer truck driver after applying e-brake to avoid motorist who made reckless right turn

Submitted by Stomper Stomper

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A Stomper shared a video and pictures showing how close a trailer truck driver came to being seriously injured after having to use his emergency brake (e-brake)  to avoid another car on Jun 1.

The trailer truck was driving on a shared lane where vehicles can go either straight or turn right.

The driver was going straight when suddenly a car came from his left and suddenly decided to turn right.

"Be safe on the road, this trailer truck driver's life was nearly taken by this careless car driver who made a right turn from the incorrect lane," said the Stomper.

"The truck driver had to apply e-brake to avoid a collision but the material the truck was carrying slid dangerously forward.

"The driver of car SLL8836Y just drove off like nothing happened."

Watch the video below.