Cleaner who invited girl, 10, to his house to 'see hamster' says he didn't touch her on purpose

A 63-year-old coffee shop cleaner who allegedly molested a 10-year-old girl in Choa Chu Kang had invited her to his home to look at hamsters.

When questioned by the police, the man claimed that he did not touch the girl on purpose and repeatedly pleaded for mercy.

The incident first came to light on Stomp, after the child's mother shared what happened at Block 803 Keat Hong Close's Badaling Coffeeshop on Monday morning (June 5).

Stomper Joan, whose two daughters had gone to the coffee shop for breakfast while she worked in the vicinity, earlier said: "This bloody pervert asked my eldest daughter to go to his house and when she refused, he started touching her. He touched her breast underneath her hand on the left side.

According to the victim, the man kept hovering around her and sister. He then sat next to the victim, asked for her contact number, and invited her to his house on Friday (June 9) to look at hamsters.

Joan said: "I taught my daughters to be wary of strangers, so she turned him down."

Undeterred, the man then allegedly touched the victim's chest. When she pushed him away, he did it again. The victim immediately took her younger sister home.

Joan added: "My daughter ran to me at Block 810 and informed me of the incident. I immediately rushed straight down to the coffee shop.

"I called the police because if I don't, such incidents will happen again and might be even more serious. They brought the man back to the police station.

"This fellow has actually been involved in many of such cases, but never learnt his lesson."

When police arrived at the scene, the victim recounted the incident and demonstrated how the man had touched her.

Photo: Shin Min Daily News

According to Shin Min Daily News, the man told police officers that he had not touched the girl intentionally and kept begging for mercy. He was subsequently arrested.

Joan said she is glad that her daughter is strong enough to handle what happened.

She also told Stomp on Wednesday (June 7): "Thank you so much for sharing the incident. It really helped as a lot of people in Choa Chu Kang came to me and said they are victims too."