Clash of the titans at MacRitchie: Python vs king cobra

MacRitchie is renowned among Singaporeans for being the go-to place for wildlife sightings.

From monkeys to crocodiles, joggers and visitors have come across their fair share of animals along the trails there.

Snakes are also a common sight in MacRitchie.

What is not common, however, is an all-out smackdown between two large snakes, as seen in a video posted by Facebook user Sheldon Trollope

Sheldon said he lives near MacRitchie North Trail, and his neighbour saw a python and a king cobra attack one another after a standoff.

A video Sheldon posted, which he said was filmed by the neighbour, shows the two large snakes squaring up to one another,

When the king cobra gets too close, the python lashes out with its tail.

This prompts the king cobra to bite the other snake, but the python immediately tries to curl around and crush its opponent.

The cobra wriggles free and flees into the nearby bushes.

The battle between the snakes proved a hit with netizens as the clip was viewed over 112,000 times (as of May 31) since it was posted.

Some who commented even pointed out the neighbour was particularly brave to have stood so close to two large snakes.