Circles.Life literally goes the extra mile to replace customer's faulty iPhone 7 Plus

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Network operator Circles.Life quite literally went the extra mile to replace a customer's faulty iPhone 7 Plus.

The customer, Stomper PW, first alerted Stomp to his experience following the purchase of the mobile phone.

In a telephone interview, he said he bought the device on Aug 8 and received it on Aug 15.

The phone could not be turned on initially. When he charged it, the Apple logo repeatedly showed on the display and the phone kept restarting.

According to PW, the left side of the screen also appeared to be popped out.

He then reached out to Circles.Life, and was told to bring the phone down to a service centre as it was under warranty. 

The Stomper subsequently took the phone to a service centre at Wheelock Place.

There, he was told that his warranty had begun on Mar 22, 2017, and that it was valid until Mar 22, 2018. 

He was also informed that his iPhone 7 Plus had been damaged by water and that repairs will cost $499. Alternatively, he could purchase a refurbished set, also at $499.

PW did not go with either option, and kept the phone.

Thereafter, he contacted Circles.Life again to inform them about what had happened.

Stomp reached out to the network operator too to find out more about the Stomper's experience.

In response to our media query, brand marketing lead Delbert Ty said that the developments were unfortunate and that Circles.Life will be replacing the Stomper's phone with a new set as a gesture of goodwill.

He added that customers can rest assured that all phones sold by Circles.Life are brand new and can be checked for their activation status and warranty coverage.

To reinforce that point, Delbert provided us a link in which customers can visit to run a check on the activation status of their mobile devices.

A check on the status of PW's phone on the site with his IMEI number revealed that it has not been activated.

Nonetheless, Delbert assured us that the Stomper will be furnished with a new phone.

Instead of sending a delivery person to handle the exchange, Circles.Life's marketing manager and operations manager personally brought the iPhone 7 Plus to PW's workplace yesterday (Sep 14).

After they arrived, they also sat down with the customer to run checks on the new mobile device before the exchange was finalised.

Said Delbert about the Circles.Life's commitment to fostering good customer relations:

"We're a new company and we value our customers very much and want to do right by them every single time. On the very rare times where there is an issue, we do our best to fix it and build trust back to our customers."