Circles.Life behind 'free money' vending machines at Orchard Road and Raffles Place

The organiser behind a publicity stunt involving vending machines that dispensed a $50 note in exchange for $3 has been revealed to be telecommunications service provider Circles.Life.

The two vending machines, located outside H&M in Somerset and near Chevron House in Raffles Place, drew large crowds during the two-day event on Feb 27 and Feb 28.

People who inserted $3 into the vending machines could get a $50 note back, meaning they gained $47, no strings attached.

However, the Raffles Place event yesterday had to be cut short after police turned up as the organiser did not have a permit, while the second Orchard Road event was cancelled as all cash prizes had been "fully redeemed".

Earlier today (March 1), Circles.Life revealed via its social media platforms that it was the organiser behind the #3DollarBaller event.

An announcement was also made on #3DollarBaller's official Instagram page.

The marketing stunt was to promote Circles.Life's 'Unlimited Data on Demand' service at the cost of $3 per day, on top of your base plan.

This add-on, one of several new services announced by the telco today, can be activated "only when you need it" without having to sign up for any contract.

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