Christmas tree with gifts at Segar Road void deck: 'Choose a present and feel free to bring me home'

Submitted by Stomper Leong

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It is said that Christmas is the season of giving and sharing.

Stomper Leong was glad to have seen the proof of that statement on Friday (Dec 21).

He was passing through the void deck of Block 471 Segar Road at about 4pm, when he saw a decorated Christmas tree, complete with wrapped presents under it.

He approached the tree and saw a piece of paper stuck on the top of it.

It was a large note with childish handwriting, which said: "Choose one present! Feel free to adopt me home, for Jesus will bring joy and love to your family."

Leong told Stomp: "I did not dare to take the gifts although they were so beautiful.

"The Christmas tree appeared to be decorated by kids, because of the handwriting on the card.

"I felt the sincerity of the message and the fact that they offered the Christmas tree up for adoption also touched me.

"I can afford my own Christmas tree so I left it for someone who couldn't afford to buy one."

The Stomper left the void deck after taking pictures of the tree.

He came back at about 4.50pm and saw that no one had taken anything.

"I haven't seen anything like this in my 30 plus years of living.

"A person only gives away things that they do not want, or things that are old and useless, but never a well-decorated Christmas tree, with blinking lights, new ornaments and nicely wrapped presents. 

"The most impressive thing of all was the message placed on the tree. It was about love and sharing," added Leong.

He said that later that day, the tree was not there anymore.

He thinks that perhaps someone had adopted it.