Chow Yun Fat helps to clear Hong Kong road after Typhoon Hato

Chow Yun Fat might be an A-list actor who is well-known in many parts of the world, but that has not stopped him from being one of the humblest celebrities you will ever meet.

The recent Typhoon Hato that hit Hong Kong and Macau brought strong winds and rain, flooded its streets and left trees uprooted, causing an estimated HK$4 billion to HK$8 billion in damages.

Workers have been trying their best to clear up the chaos that the signal 10 typhoon left in its wake -- and they are not alone in the efforts.

A resident ran into superstar Chow Yun Fat and saw the latter trying to clear a fallen tree that was blocking a road in Kowloon yesterday (Aug 23).

He took a photo of the incident and posted about it on Instagram, together with a 'wefie' that he took with the actor: "I met Chow Yun Fat who was helping to remove a fallen tree blocking the road during the typhoon. Please be careful!"

Chow, 62, told Apple Daily that he was on the way home when he encountered the road obstruction.

He decided to get out of his car and move the branches so that other motorists could head home safely.