Chirpy bus captain puts smiles on commuters' faces with his greetings

Submitted by Stomper Kaitlin

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Stomper Kaitlin's day ended on a happy note thanks to a friendly bus driver.

She had boarded bus service 171 at Coronation Plaza at about 6pm on Tuesday (Apr 24).

Throughout the one-and-half-hour ride to Khatib Camp, Kaitlin was impressed and appreciative of the good service displayed by the bus captain.

He greeted every commuter who boarded the bus and bid farewell to those alighting.

"It was such an awesome day for me," said Kaitlin who shared a video of the bus captain greeting the passengers.

"Simple greetings can really make your day.

"I really appreciate and respect him for doing a good job.

"You can see he made people so happy."