This AirAsia stewardess is a more stunning sight than any other holiday destination

Going for a holiday? If you are lucky, what you might see on some AirAsia flights will be even more captivating than the tourist attractions waiting for you.

Facebook user GeorGe Wong recently posted two candid photos of an AirAsia stewardess on board a flight, along with a caption that said: "Affordable fares with incredible scene, what else to blame [sic]."

His Oct 13 post has garnered over 3,800 shares, 2,000 shares and almost 600 comments to date, with many netizens identifying the stewardess as Mabel Goo.

Other Facebook pages also began compiling photos of Mabel and praising her beauty.

On her Instagram profile, Mabel identifies herself as a freelance dancer, business student and flight attendant.

There, she frequently shares her travel snaps as well as glimpses into her job.

The sudden spotlight has also boosted Mabel's follower count to more than 50,000, leading her to question on Instagram Stories "how a random candid like this got viral?"

Many netizens suddenly pledged their love and support for the low-cost airline:

"Next time take AirAsia already, got more pretty girls."

"I am going to switch to AirAsia."

If AirAsia starts seeing a surge in air ticket sales, they know who to thank.

View more photos of Mabel in the gallery.