Chinese parents dump baby born prematurely in rubbish bin -- because they thought he wouldn't live long

While it isn’t uncommon for babies to be born prematurely, a Chinese couple recently came under fire for throwing their newborn baby away, citing that they were not sure if the baby would survive. 

The incident was uncovered after a rubbish collector found the baby boy who was born prematurely, abandoned in a rubbish bin outside Fuling Center Hospital in Chongqing, China, on Jun 23, at around 10am, reports The Coverage

During the time of the incident, the rubbish collector was reportedly scavenging for valuable goods in the bin when he stumbled upon the poor child.

He subsequently brought the kid into the hospital for a checkup, hoping to locate his parents. 

Doctors realised that the infant was born prematurely, at around 30 weeks and weighed only 1.5kg.

However, other than that, the baby was healthy. 

The doctors also managed to locate the birth records of the baby who was born in the hospital recently, and called the police immediately.

The parents of the child were subsequently alerted by the police. 

Upon investigation, the police found that the baby’s mother was still warded in the same hospital while the father had carried him out and tossed him into the bin. 

The couple admitted to their heinous deed, saying:

“We were afraid the baby wouldn’t live long because he was born prematurely. 

“We didn’t think carefully before throwing him in the rubbish bin.”

The two apologised to the police, promising that they would care for the baby, and were let off with a warning.