Mum in China snips off toddler son's private parts with scissors to spite ex-husband

A Chinese woman cut off the penis of her own son using a pair of scissors, in to bid to extract revenge on her ex-husband and his family.

After discovering the horrifying act, family members quickly rushed the boy to a hospital in the city of Fuzhou, Jiangxi in China, reports Shanghaiist

The boy underwent surgery and is now in stable condition, according to reports from local media. 

Doctors in charge said that although there will be issues with the functionality the boy’s penis, he will still be able to father children when he is older. 

The paternal grandmother of the child said that her ex-daughter-in-law left their home more than a year back and had already remarried.

It is unclear why she returned and what triggered the attack on her son. 

The case is currently under police investigation.