Chinese man wants GF to put on weight -- and even offers LV bag if she eats

A man from Hunan, China recently came under the spotlight after a video of him was uploaded online.

In the video, an excerpt from a variety show, the longtime girlfriend of Zhang, 26, said that she felt that he was being too pushy and constantly forcing her to eat.

Neither she nor the hosts of the show could understand the reason behind Zhang’s actions.

When she refused to eat, Zhang would come up with all sorts of ideas to convince her, including bribing her with items, such as a Louis Vuitton bag. 

Zhang explained that he was doing it for the sake of her health and had even consulted a nutritionist, reports World of Buzz

However, his girlfriend was convinced that he only wanted her to become fatter so she would look like Zhang’s ex-girlfriend. 

Zhang refuted her claims and said that although she did look like his ex-girlfriend, his ex is prettier. 

He also said that he wanted her to gain more weight as he was afraid his mother would not accept her for being too slim.

Said Zhang: "My mother rejected one of my ex-girlfriends previously because she has very strict standards on her future daughter-in-law’s height and weight.

"She said that if the girl is 160cm, she cannot be lighter than 45kg; if she’s 170cm, she cannot be less than 54kg."

The hosts told Zhang that the fault didn’t lie with her, but with him for being unable to reject his mother’s unreasonable request.

All's well that ends well though, and the couple kissed and made up at the end of the show.