Chinese man files fake robbery report to avoid giving wife paycheck

A Chinese man falsified a robbery so he would not have to hand his paycheck over to his wife. 

The incident happened on Aug 31, at a police station in Hangzhou. 

The man, Cai, had walked into the station, claiming that he had been robbed while returning home on his scooter. 

However, his quick answer and unshaken demeanor aroused suspicions in the officer. 

After reviewing surveillance tapes, the officers found out that throughout Cai’s journey home, no one had approached, much less, rob the man.

The officers interrogated Cai, who came clean after a while.

Cai admitted that he had falsified the entire incident as he was tired of handing over his paycheck to his wife.

They also found out that Cai had told his wife on past occasion that he lost his paycheck or already spent his wages, just to avoid giving her his wages.

Well, Cai may have outdone himself this time round.

He was detained for 10 days and fined 500 yuan ($103) for making a false report.