Chinese kindergarten teacher allegedly kills 6-year-old student by sealing mouth with tape and glue

A 6-year-old Chinese girl, Jintong, died after her kindergarten teacher, Ju Chunwei, allegedly sealed her mouth with tape and glue --- to stop her from talking too much. 

Jintong’s father has taken to Weibo, a Chinese social media platform to voice his grievances and demanded justice for his deceased daughter, reports The Coverage

According to the grieving father’s post, the incident happened on Jun 12, and his daughter was formerly a student at Huadian Experimental Kindergarten in the city of Huadian, Jiin Province, in China.

He accused Jintong’s teacher of using tape and glue to seal his daughter’s mouth, on claims that she talked too much.

After the incident, Jintong was sent to the kindergarten clinic upon realisation that she was twitching, but died about 40 minutes later. 

Jintong’s father claimed that by the time the ambulance arrived at around 10.19am, his daughter had been dead for over 30 minutes. 

The school contacted the child’s grandfather who accompanied her to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead at around 11am.

It is unclear if Ju had actually committed the act, but since the investigations, the teacher has been suspended by the kindergarten. 

The police have also responded, saying that investigations are ongoing.