Chinese hero jumps from train to save elderly woman, loses right leg

A 29-year-old Chinese man proved that not all heroes wear capes when he risked his life to save a 68-year-old woman from an incoming train, sacrificing his right leg in the process. 

The incident happened at Chongqing Railway Station in China last Thursday (July 6) at around 3pm.

The heroic man, Xu Qian Kai, a train conductor, spotted an elderly woman standing in the middle of the tracks, just about 5 metres away from the train he was on, report China Press and World of Buzz

He immediately engaged the emergency brakes, shouting and whistling to get the woman’s attention but to no avail.

Realising the catastrophic outcome if he did not do anything, Xu leapt from the train, ran over to the woman and attempted to pull her away from the tracks but was unsuccessful.

He pulled her again and managed to move the woman out of harm’s way, but fell in the process.

Xu did not have time to withdraw his right leg which was on the railway tracks, and the train ran over it.

The entire process took less than 10 seconds. 

After the incident, both Xu and the elderly woman were conveyed to a hospital for treatment.

Xu’s right leg was seriously damaged and had to be amputated, while the old lady suffered light injuries. 

Authorities later discovered that the woman was hearing impaired, and thus, could not have heard Xu’s warnings or the sound of the approaching train. 

When the woman went to thank Xu for saving her life, she found that Xu was still in a coma.

Grateful beyond words, the woman kowtowed to him.

Fortunately though, Xu managed to pull through and is now in a stable condition. 

Said Xu:

“Although I lost a leg, it is another human’s life we are talking about here.

“I have no regrets and if given the chance to choose again, I will do the same.

“Moreover, during the incident, I had no time to think so much, I merely just acted on reflex.”