Chinese couple with 7 daughters try to buy son on black market, get arrested

Having already had seven daughters, a couple in China's Guangdong province went on a desperate quest for a son -- by turning to the black market.

After putting together 100,000 yuan around (S$20,000), they went to purchase a male infant from human traffickers at the black market.

However, they got caught in a police bust and never made it home, reported Shanghaiist.

The couple, whose daughters are aged two to 18 years old, told the media they had wanted to "adopt" a baby boy and did not know that they were dealing with human traffickers.

According to the husband, the "agents" had requested for an "adoption fee" of 92,000 yuan (around S$18,900).

Local authorities said the trafficked child was originally from Yunnan and had passed through several traffickers before reaching the couple, far away from his home.