Chinese blogger, 32, goes on over 100 dates after breaking up with BF and getting laid off

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Jan 4, 2023

A 32-year-old female blogger in China has been reported by Chinese media to have gone on blind dates with more than 100 people over the past year.

According to Chinese news outlet Netease, news of the woman, who goes by the alias "Baozhuzi", recently went viral on Weibo.

She decided to embark on her busy dating schedule two weeks after her ex-boyfriend of eight years broke up with her at the end of 2021. She was also laid off from her job around that time, which apparently cut her off from her social circles.

To get herself “back in the game”, Baozhuzi set up more than 100 dates via an online dating app and would meet up to three people in a day.

Of course, with those odds, there was always a chance she’d meet Mr Right. And she did – her new boyfriend is a year younger than her and is planning to start a business.

Looking back on her journey, Baozhuzi said she believes that age is not a constraint, and that everyone should set their own timelines, especially when it comes to love and marriage.

"You might believe that you ought to give birth by the age of 35 or start planning for your retirement when you reach 45. But all of these [expectations] are imposed by society. Everyone's timelines are different."

"If you simply follow what others tell you to do with your life, you are living yours the wrong way. My story shows that you are your own ultimate source of confidence. There are no fixed rules that say you must do something when you reach 30. Don't live a life of regrets."

Reflecting on the difficult phase she went through in 2021, Baozhuzi said that people must learn to accept that bad things may happen when we least expect it.

“The earlier we realise this, the better we will be able to live our lives. You need to accept that one day, your lover may leave you, and your job may vanish. But you must believe that you can move on and move forward."


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