Chinatown stall helper allegedly peddles contraband cigarettes at hawker centre after work

A stall helper at a Chinatown hawker centre has been moonlighting as a contraband cigarette peddler after operational hours. 

Shin Min Daily News received reports from readers saying that a stall helper hawker centre on the 2nd storey of Chinatown Complex has been selling contraband cigarettes for $5 a pack.

It is understood that the helper is a middle-aged man, in charge of cleaning the dishes for a popular stall.

After his shift ends at 3pm however, he would start selling contraband cigarettes instead.

According to witnesses, business has been brisk and there would be queues. 

Reporters who visited the scene witnessed a transaction between a customer and the helper. 

The reporters first observed the helper sitting at a corner, not far from his stall, after his shift ended.

He appeared to be browsing through newspapers while waiting for customers to show up.

Not long after, a man showed up. 

The two talked briefly before heading to a closet.

The helper opened the closet, exposing a pipe, from which he retrieved a plastic bag. 

From what the reporters observed, the bag appeared to be quite full.

The helper then took a few packs out and gave them to the man who handed him some money in return. 

To avoid arousing suspicion, the two conducted their transaction while hiding behind a pillar.

The process was quite fast and completed within 5sec. 

The two left quickly after that.