China's first female J-10 fighter pilot dies after fatal accident during training

Yu Xu, an elite female Chinese fighter pilot, has been declared as a "revolutionary martyr" by China's air force after being killed in a flight training accident on Saturday.

Not only is she a well-known stunt pilot, she is also the first female pilot to fly the China-made J-10 fighter.

While piloting a J-10 during training, her jet crashed with another J-10 and unfortunately she was not able to eject in time, resulting in the crash.

Yu was mourned by her country and has been praised as a hero on social media.

She also became the top trending topic on Weibo over the weekend and is said to be the inspiration of many netizens, according to Shanghaiist.

However, such crashes are frequent during trainings just that reports are only made if a J-10 crashes into a factory or building.