China zoo builds donkey statue to that poor one that was fed alive to tigers

A zoo which came under criticism for feeding a live donkey to tigers in front of visitors, has erected a statue in its honour. 

The statue, called ‘A Donkey’s Monument’ is located at the Yancheng Safari Park in the province of Jiangsu, China, reports The Star Online

The zoo, Yancheng Wild Animal World, had explained that the incident arose after a group of investors, angry that they were not receiving returns on their investments, pushed the donkey into a moat within the tiger enclosure.

The angry mob had been trying to transport animals out of the zoo in order to sell them but were stopped.

Visitors then witnessed the donkey getting mauled and bitten by the ferocious felines. 

With nowhere to run, the donkey died half an hour later.

Ironically, a story of the donkey’s life, right up to its tragic end, is inscribed on the new monument, in both English and Mandarin.