Child rides with elderly man on mobility scooter next to road in Bukit Merah: 'It's dangerous'

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Is it allowed?

More importantly, is it safe?

A young girl was spotted seated in front of an elderly man on a personal mobility aid (PMA) at Jalan Bukit Merah on Oct 6.

Sharing a photo of the two on a mobility scooter, Stomper Sylvia said: "I saw an elderly person ferry a child on his mobile aid.

"I think it's dangerous and the child might be misled to have the impression that it's right to abuse a mobility aid."

The photo shows the duo on a PMA at the corner of a traffic junction, waiting to cross the road. 

The possible abuse of PMAs has been a hot topic on Stomp recently.

On Nov 1, it was reported that a Stomper thought that a man riding a PMA was handicapped, but he got up and walked "steadily" to place a bet at a Singapore Pools outlet in Tampines Mall.

In response, several Stomp readers wrote in to point out that PMAs are not just for the handicapped and those unable to walk but also for people who are able to walk for only a short distance.

But can PMAs also be used to carry two people and to give rides to kids?

The Land Transport Authority website states that a mobility scooter must be "designed to carry only one individual who is unable to walk or has difficulties walking" with the emphasis on "only one individual".

Hence, it cannot carry two people, including children.