Certis officer rushes to get wheelchair for elderly woman who fell down at Teck Whye Avenue

Submitted by Stomper Arifin

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A Certis officer wasted no time in rushing to the aid of an elderly woman after learning that she had fallen down along Teck Whye Avenue.

Stomper Arifin witnessed the incident on May 13, at around 11.20am.

Sharing photos of the heartwarming deed with Stomp, Arifin said: "I spotted the Certis officer going all out to help the old lady after she fell down.

"He had been stationed at a nearby polyclinic and brought her a wheelchair.

"I felt delighted by his actions and have the utmost respect for the officer as he went way beyond the call of duty. He is an asset to Certis. Salute to him!"

The Certis officer has been identified as Sergeant (APF) Tee Ye Xun, who was on duty at a nearby polyclinic when he was alerted to the incident by a member of public.

Sergeant Tee had ensured his duty post was covered before getting hold of a wheelchair and rushing to the scene to assist the elderly woman.

He then assessed her injuries and wheeled her to the polyclinic for medical assistance before resuming his duties.

When contacted by Stomp, Sergeant Tee said he was just doing what he believes to be part of his service and responsibility.

He said: "I didn't think much about it before rushing over with a wheelchair to see how I could help. I am glad that I managed to help the lady in seeking immediate medical treatment and I could do my part for the community in my own capacity."

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