Certis Cisco officers save the day yet again, this time clearing fallen tree branches and easing congestion

Submitted by Stomper lonewolf

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Several Certis Cisco officers were spotted helping to clear branches from a tree that had fallen on the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) on Dec 16.

At 3.55pm, Stomper lonewolf was staying at a block at Toh Guan Road near the area where the tree had fallen.

He told Stomp, "I heard something drop, so I went out to look and a tree had fallen onto the road."

He saw the Cisco officers helping to remove the fallen branches from the road even though it was drizzling. There was a traffic jam as a result of the incident and the officers were helping to direct traffic as well.

The Cisco officers managed to pull the tree away from one of the lanes, helping to free up one of the lanes to improve the flow of traffic.

"They must be appreciated. Kudos to them," said the Stomper.

According to the Stomper, National Parks Board (NParks) officers arrived later at 4.45pm to remove the tree and that the traffic flow had returned to normal.

On Aug 23, Cisco officers were also spotted helping to push a taxi that broke down along Geylang Road.