Certis Cisco officer and NTUC Income rider help pregnant accident victim at Yio Chu Kang

Submitted by Stomper You Jun

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An accident involving a car and a van occurred along Yio Chu Kang Road on April 7, at around 6pm.

Stomper You Jun, a 24-year-old carpark enforcement officer from Certis Cisco, shared how he and a Orange Force Rider from NTUC Income responded to the accident scene.

According to You Jun, no one was injured in the accident. However, a pregnant woman, who was a passenger in the car, appeared to be shaken.

The Stomper said: "I chose to be a responder at the scene and volunteered to access the scene by placing the safety of members of the public as my first priority.

"It was not within my job scope, but I chose to go the extra mile.

"During my conversation with the car driver, I was informed that there was a pregnant lady at the back in the passenger seat.

"I checked on her condition and ensured she was all right before she was sent to the hospital for a further check-up."

You Jun told Stomp that a Orange Force Rider from NTUC Income arrived at the scene "within minutes" and took over attending to those involved in the accident.

"Instead of leaving, I decided to assist in directing traffic by warning other oncoming vehicles to slow down and prevent them from colliding into us," he added.

"I would like to locate the Orange Force Rider to express my thanks and also be able to visit the pregnant passenger, so I hope Stomp can help.

"Without the rider's assistance, I would not have been able to direct traffic smoothly and help members of the public."