Celebrity DJ Tenashar arrested twice in 3 days for suspected drug offences after claiming to have been kidnapped, robbed and beaten

Celebrity DJ Tenshar has been arrested twice in three days - for drug offences in Johor, then trespass and drug-related offences in Singapore.

Debbie Valerie Tenashar Long had just been released from prison less than two months ago for drug offences dating from 2015.

An employee at Berjaya Waterfront Hotel in Johor Bahru, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Stomp through a friend that Ms Long was found sleeping on a couch in the lobby on July 5 at about 3.30am.

She was not a guest at the hotel.

"The security tried to wake her up but she looked so high on drugs," he said.

When approached by hotel staff, Ms Long asked to be driven to a police station so that she could make a report.

In the report, seen by Stomp, Ms Long claimed that she had been kidnapped, robbed and beaten in Johor on July 4.

She said that she was robbed of her wallet, purse, documents, phone, credit cards, NRIC and passport and threatened with a knife.

She alleged she was punched in the stomach and suffered injuries to her foot and upper thigh.

She had no recollection of how she was kidnapped and said she was thrown into a sewage ditch where there were "rats and snakes".

A Johor police source told The Straits Times that they suspected Ms Long had used drugs and arrested her instead on July 5.

The 33-year-old's urine samples had tested positive for drugs.

The Malaysian police are still investigating the case. However, she was released on bail and returned to Singapore.

The Singapore police said that after being alerted on Sunday (July 7) at about 7.30pm, a 33-year-old woman was arrested at a unit on Edgeware Road for criminal trespass and suspected drug-related offences.

Investigations are ongoing.

The former FHM cover girl was sentenced to 18 months' jail after pleading guilty to drug possession and consumption - serving around 12 months of it including time spent on remand.

Around two weeks after her release from prison, Ms Long made several complaints to the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) including accusing one of its officers of brushing off her messages and calls despite her attempts to get him to further investigate while she was overseas.

The CNB is currently looking into these allegations.

"Ms Long had been accorded the full due process of the law, including setting out her mitigation," the CNB added. "Her case was heard and dealt with in court based on all available evidence where she pleaded guilty and was convicted and sentenced accordingly by the courts."

CNB said in the statement that it "takes a serious view of all complaints or allegations made against our officers".

"Such complaints will be thoroughly investigated and if substantiated, CNB will not hesitate to take action against any errant officer. However, if the allegations are found to be false, appropriate action in accordance with the law will be taken."