Celeb hairstylist Addy Lee's maid charged with stealing clothes and Hermes bags worth $24,000

A domestic helper who served Celebrity hairdresser Addy Lee for 14 years allegedly shipped many of her employer’s luxury items back to her hometown, including Hermès bags worth $24,000 each.  

In a fit of rage, Addy called the police and the 40-year-old suspect was arrested. 

The maid, Nora, stole four large crates of Addy’s belongings, including luxury watches, clothes, and the hairdresser’s favourite bags. 

She was charged in court yesterday (Jun 13) morning,

Addy told reporters in an interview on Monday (Jun 12):

“I woke up at 11am on Sunday (Jun 11) and discovered that two of my favourite Hermès bags were missing, just as I was getting ready to go to work.

“There isn’t anyone else in the house, so who else can it be?”

It was then Addy started suspecting Nora, and recalled when his assistant had lost his shoes which were placed at Addy’s doorsteps. 

When he confronted Nora over the incident, the shoes somehow magically appeared again. 

There were also occasions when his assistant’s phone and bags went missing. 

Although many items had since gone missing in his house, Addy did not realise that Nora had secretly shipped the items back to her hometown.

To confirm his suspicions, he requested to look through Nora’s phone.

According to Addy, Nora was uncooperative and appeared reluctant to hand the phone over. 

He added:

“She only came out of her room with her phone after five minutes.

“When I looked through her phone, I discovered that she had deleted all the call logs and photos from her WhatApp.

“Luckily, my assistant knew how to retrieve the deleted data, and we found photos of my bags, clothes and shoes in her phone!”

Enraged, Addy called the police on his maid.

Nora was detained, and the case is currently under investigation. 

Addy also said that Nora had agreed to return the items that she had stolen. 

When inquired about Addy’s missing Rolex watch, Nora quick denied having stolen it.

Investigations revealed that Nora had, from the beginning from March, sent home a large carton of items each month.

Addy lamented:

“I wasn’t sure if she had stolen anything before.

“Maybe the items she had taken were small so I didn’t notice. 

“Her contract is expiring so she’s probably taking the chance to steal all she can before going back.”